Friday, December 22, 2006

Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

Never been before, and its lovely- tho more doggies to pat in McLaren (Lucky for Lusia)

We visited Ross Estate, then Rockford Winery (Alicante Bouchet - Beautiful Rose) and as per usual I got drunk by the 3rd vineyard.
Some of the vineyards we visited: Rockford, Villa Tinto, Henschke. we also saw Saltram, Ross Estate... anymore? I was drunk by the 3rd...

At Villa Tinto which is owned and operated by Diana and Albert Di Palma. They served some beautiful reds, (and reds only) the Mercedes a blend of Cab Sav/Semillon/Shiraz (named after Diane's mother) was totally delicious and we bought a case to share, but their Cab Sav was my undoing... PHOAW! That baby knocked my socks off! The weather was rather brisk, but with my lack of enzymes my body had kicked into overdrive and I was steaming!

Thankfully the next stop was lunch, REAL meat pies and cornish pasties. I found out that Serge has the same dislike for custard as Steph had as they watched Ian polish off a serve of Vanilla Slice - the matching looks of dubious disgust was amusing to observe.

After lunch we travels to the jewel of the crown - the Henchske Vineyards, which are REALLY out of the way! We met the guard dog, who was sleeping on the job, and drank the most delicious wines, I told them about my Henchskes sitting at home, and they thoughtfully gave me a list which told me the optimum years for the each harvest. My '94 and '95 are ready in 2009!! *rubs hands with glee*

Left: Guard Dog at Henschke Right: The Booty
On the way home we passed a really big tree, paused for some quick photos (see photos for reason why) And finally snoozed my wine soaked head all the way home.

Left: Big Tree, some guy lived here with a wife and 16 kids... (Lusia and I were more horrified about popping out that many kids than living in a tree. Right: Good Reason to Hurry

Learnt a new word.. Snozzled. So drunk you're sleepy

That night we went out on the town to catch up with Amber and Rob, it was lovely to see them and give them their much belated hugs and pressies. Then caught up with some of Steph's high school classmates, and found out that he was a tear away at school which is endearing.

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