Friday, March 30, 2012

A Dramatic Evening

Eva!  Make the room stop spinning!
For a second, I thought, How?  then realized that Ed was really quite sick and needed some medical attention.  so i called RPA, and was lucky to be transferred to Health Direct, which is a hotline which you can call 24hrs a day to get someone with a medical degree, (real one! Not from TV) to talk you through and assess your condition.  (1800 022 222) if you ever need to call them

But the time I go through (THANKS Vodafone Grr!)   Ed was riding the porcelain bus in a very bad way, between moments of holding his head like that was all that stopped it from exploding.

The nurse decided on an ambulance, which arrived nice and quick with two really cool officers (who must be comedians as a side job)

Ed's vital signs were all good and it was declared okay to stay or if he was worried to the hospital for more tests.

Ed manned up and declared he would stay, and we all went to bed, hoping there would be a heart beat in the morning, and no vomit puddles in the corridor.

Morning came, he was still alive, and toe corridors were clean, but obviously hes still sick because he wanted to go to work!

It was a very dramatic night.  and to top it off i had some yogurt which was a bit off and had my own personal digestive issue!  so tiring.  i pray this weekend will be quiet.

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