Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Dream....

I had another one of those dreams...

First Part: In some diplomatic cruise, with an Indian delegation (dark, large, big moustache and navy blue turbans)  Then apparently it was custom to strip the women of the both parties and to be used as platters.  But the Indians had no intention of stripping their women, only the ones in the guest's party.


However, it is diplomatic event and one must do their duty for their country, so there was no choice but to comply.  But in return the females were allowed two small knives, for protection.    One of the knife is my small sushi knife, the other is just a normal chef knife.  So the stripping begins, it gets feral. And then the scenery changed.

The dream shifts to a warehouse. full of toys, which has two sections, a roof to ceiling area that is lined with asiles for toys, a small open section where toys are stacked up in circular towers, and on the far wall under the raised offices there are trestle tables that hold dusty unwanted stock.

The event is now a hunt.  There are two huge barbarians hunting the female who is still armed with her knives.  The men have her cornered at one of the intersections, and together they do what all evil men do, mock her, threaten her, toy with their helpless catch, and the male arrogant belief that she couldn’t possibly hurt them.  But, she isn’t afraid of killing them and nicks their arms as they reach out for her.   She escapes the cornering but is faced a moment later with one barbarian who she manages to knife in the stomach.
She runs, and the other barbarian corners her in front of the toy towers,  gloating again he hollering out for his team mate.  Little did he know that she had left him in a pool of blood moments earlier.  As he reaches out, she manages to slit his throat, in a delicate slice.   Then the mood changes again.  Blood lust.

Still in the warehouse of toys, she’s running through the aisles killing dirty hairy gnomes like a professional slices mushrooms.  She has managed to rescue a young woman in her late teens.  But while shes hacking her way through the gnomes, the girl is all whiny and wants some of the toys on the shelves! The female gets exasperated and tells her to just take them 

Something happens here... but I can't remember.  Next thing I know 

Now we are in Alexandria.  The main character is male,  he has to leave the country as he has escaped the clutches of evil men who want to kill him, or there is lingering guilt from stealing the toys.

He grabs his family, wife and two children and jump into an vintage ford wagon, that is pastel sea green.  They drive to the airport.  Traffic is bad.  They are caged in, they manage to pass a yellow creamy monster vintage Mercedes, they know because of the font and the numbers on the boot.  As they overtake it the notice the horses powering the Mercedes like it was a horse driven cart.

Going to the airport requires going through Woollahra,  but Woollahra is different.  It’s a beautiful cove.  The people change again.  Now its me, Steph and my mum.  We are tourists.  The cove has steps that go down to a sheltered pool area where children play in the azure waters.  There are also steps that go up to a beautiful white covered bridge which houses a little burgundy and cream gazebo, which I know has now been relocated to the Botantical Gardens.   So we walk up the stairs to the little gazebo.  The stairs are transparent and milky, it seems very trustworthy but surreal at the same time.  The group reach the gazebo, and there is a metal grate door that leads down some stairs to a hollow that has been drilled into the cliff underneath the bridge.  There is a hole that lets in some light, which shines on a moss encrusted statue.  We go inside, and mum want to take a photo with the statue.  With her arm draped over the stone shoulders a photo is taken.  We look into the camera display, and there is something white on the cheek of the statue, that shouldn’t be there. I take another picture and its still there.  I zoom in on the image in the camera and can see a long white mark, like someone had drawn a cigarette on the relic. 
I think Great…  Vandalism.  There is just no respect.

Then I wake up.

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