Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy Man Bento

The hits have been impressive!  Enough to make me do another one. :) Not as saucy, but still on the same adult theme of exciting action...

If you dont have your glasses on, the guy is on the recieving end of a delightful bout of oral service, kindly supplied by the lady in orange.   They are probably in a Fiat 500 as there is no room for her legs, and her butt is in the air ...
looks like she's diving, which she is when you think about it. 

And what do you think? is a happy expression on the man the right expression to have? Should it be happy? but then again what man wouldn't be happy?  Only thing that could possible make him happier is this:

Car - Seafood Sticks (thirds for bonnet, half lenghts for windscreen rim)
Dashboard/Headlights/RV Mirror - Cheese
Carseats - Soy rice
Happy Man
- Face and Hands - Devon
- Body - White Fish cake
- Steering Wheel/Tie Nori
- Hair - Carrot
- Eyes - Black Sesame
Servicing Women
- Legs - Chicken Breast Meat
- Butt and Shoes - Carrots*
Background - Black sesame and Green Peas

I think I carved about six pairs of the things before I was happy with them!!!!

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Serge said...

I didn't know you did a followup to your original classic Eva - you have a niche here......