Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Challenge: Bento with Adult Theme

Happy New Year!

I need to post about my most awesome Christmas present!  But first, a bento.

This time I was set a challenge, (I do like a challenge)  to make a bento that would bring more hits to site, and it was suggested that making a porn bento would do the trick.

So you can click onwards if you wish to see a dirty bento.

Bento Porn

Actually scene-wise its not too bad, I think I did the expressions just right.  They look like a couple in love, not a transaction.  The romantic in me would like to add a few hearts to the scene...

But its suppose to be a porn bento, so to keep with the theme,  I have pixellated the faces of busy couple and all the naughty bits, which I think implies further raunch than what is there.

Making it wasn't hard.  Essentially it is a sandwich bento, filled with mayo, lettuce, ham and chicken(leftovers from the figures). 

The figures were cut from a slice of ham and chicken, body/arm/head in separate parts and joined using a bit of mayo as glue.  Sliced cheese for blonde hair, some black sesame seeds and carrot nicks for facial features. 

To cut the figures: First PLAN!  Draw the figures on paper*, before cutting them out of the luncheon meat.  Use a paring knife, and with little cuts, cut out the body, then arms and head.

I had to add a wedge of carrot as a support pillow, because the proportions would have been stupid - the male would have had super long legs which wouldn't have made sense.

Final touch is the Cherry Tomatoes and Three Cheese X's which also relate to the theme.

Make this for your husband/wife/partner for some obvious hinting!

Now the question is should I do more?  Comment and give me a challenge. :)

*make sure you shred the plans to save yourself from potential embarrassment.


Pauline said...

Haha, that's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Gold - more! Do more!