Friday, September 30, 2011

Face expressions

Eyebrows say a lot don't they?

Lisa looks worried but with her raised eyebrow she questions you. Are you a good bento maker today?

Buddy is just plain happy. Nothing inside, mind is open wide. ^^

Lisa and buddy come with asparagus with black sesame seeds, tamago. On the 2nd tier rabbit apples, salad and grape tomatoes, with muscleman and seal picks. Tomatoes require heavy lifting! ^^

Jazzy hands

Momo winks and gives freely. Enjoy the moment, taste innocent flirty girl love.

Very simple bento made with leftovers.  Momo really makes the difference here.  A sweet ham face
Mittens made with cheese modified cut heart (tip trimmed).


She needs hair.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sugar art

My first attempt!  Not too shabby me thinks, but I do need practice gluing bits together, aim is seamless. 

So far I'm squashing as I press.  I'll try with rough texture where the parts join. And trust the tylose ^^

Bento backgrounds

Lindcraft sells patches of fabric called fat quarters.  They're used to make quilts. 

However, they make excellent bento wraps! Plus they make a little tablecloth for a touch of fine dining at lunch.

Simple bento

I make chickpea flour fritattas in the weekend. They are a bit salty ^^ so they go well with something bland.

Added some nuggets and chopped salad greens and cherry tomatoes.

The little bottle has reduced balsamic dressing. 

There's lots of protien in this bento so u will be suprised at how full u feel after eating this!

Kitty bento

I made this for a colleague who loves cats.

2 rice balls filled with sweet potatoes and sausage cubes, surround by herb leafe salad and a tube of reduced balsamic dressing.

Bottom layer has a mini salad of dutch carrots, ecucumber, grape tomatoes and baby bocochini, a veggie fritatta (I made heaps^^) and some mandarin segments

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love rolls bento

I found new chapters of hatsukoi lunch box manga!!  And I'm inspired!

New decor bento boxes

The depth is good! Means less filling and the garnishes aren't squashed.

Cherry toms and strawberries (in season) add a splash of colour.
The nori roll is filled with seasoned rice and scrambled egg. 

There's suppose to a sausage heart filling but my hand cut one look imperfect so a cheese circle (bless processed cheese) and a heart cut out hides my mangled attempt.

One of the bentos has malteaser balls as well!  Someone's going to get lucky. ^^

Photographed with all my heart cutters.  I have a few......^^
But love comes in all sorts of shapes and colours yes?

I want to collect them all!