Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Koala bear bento

Well its not really a bear, so it requires a little explanation.  The Koala is an Australian native marsupial.  They only eat gum leaves and rarely drinks water.  The net result is although they are cute with their oversized ears and noses, furry and no sharp angles, they do have a concentrated aroma, and frankly they are nicer curled up asleep in a tree.

Sleeping Koalas at Taronga Zoo
Photo: Taronga Zoo
You can go an see them in Sydney, they're only 20mins away at Taronga Zoo.
To make the bento,
I used a bear cutter to cut the turkey breast meat. Cut a dinner roll into halves, on an angle (to place and see) With a dollop of mayo and rocket salad.  Sides surround the roll, including broccoli, c.Tom, cherries, corn, carrot and sugar snap peas.
I found some mini babybel cheese and too a leaf out of cooking cites tutorial to jazz up a cute little girl.
There! lunch is done. Blinky would have been proud, except he only eats gum leaves :P
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Photo: Dymocks Bookstore

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