Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movember Bentos

In Australia, there is a significant rise in the number of male 70's porn stars during the month of November. The reason for the saucy increase is The Movember movement,  when men sport living entities on their upper lips to raise funds and awareness for men's health issues, especially prostate cancer and depression.

I know of two Movember Gentlemen :)   I have promised one twenty for a Tom Selleck mo...  (He's Asian... might be a stretch kekeke)    But I'm a nice person so I'll donate it anyway :)

Now back to the Bentos.! 

Mr Egg here is a ginger and has an impressive mo.  He's actually a teacher, maybe he teaches geography? or agriculture?  His students are on holidays, thats why he's not so stressed

Mr Egg, a geography Teacher is happy
Another new thing for me is pancakes!   We had noodles for dinner, so I didn't have enough carbs for bentos.  lucky I bought some tiny pancake mix bottles late last week.  there are about 8-10 of them here.  you can make mini hamburgers with the chicken or beef ball, and the salad greens. On the side there is carrot and corn sticks with hommus dip, which I sprinkled paprika and olive oil on the dip.

Mr Green teaches English to primary school children.  Hes very nice.  The children love Thursday afternoon when Mr Panda comes in and read amazing stories to the class. 

also do you see those three little sacks next to the choppies?  They are little bean bags used in a Japanese children's game called Otedama.  The fabric is so pretty!  The game is much like Knuckles, you have to throw one sack in the air, and quickly pickup one of the others and catch the tossed one in the same hand.  Its not easy!  I felt a bit stupid trying it at work... lucky no one saw me ^^

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