Friday, November 18, 2011

Essential kit items: Nori punches

I'm no paper cut artist.  Nor do I have the time. So an essential equipment to have in your bento kit is some nori punches.  Wanna see mine? 

Actually this photo is old. I have more.  I'll take another photo one day. ^^

Back to the Punch! -line  Ha!  I kill myself. *snicker*

Punches that workFor that clean upper cut, I recommend these Nori Punches:

Photo From J-Mama
 Face punch - Buy
It is good.  Its one of my favourite Punches, never fails and doesn't drive me nuts.
Photo From J-Mama
 Doremon punch -  Buy
This punch has great straight lines.  pefect for cat whiskers and severe eyebrows.  (I'm very good and doing grumpy onigiris ^^)   I seem to only use these two punches to make my faces.  The others are just options.
Note: I had terrible trouble with the Niko Niko Punches.   If I used one sheet of Nori, I found the cuts were jagged and not clean.  I tried sharpening it with foil but  that didnt work.  The only way I could used them was to punch through 4 sheets.  of that only 1 set of shapes would come out okay-ish.  Ugh!  I should really move them out and into the craft box for paper punching...

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