Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love rolls bento

I found new chapters of hatsukoi lunch box manga!!  And I'm inspired!

New decor bento boxes

The depth is good! Means less filling and the garnishes aren't squashed.

Cherry toms and strawberries (in season) add a splash of colour.
The nori roll is filled with seasoned rice and scrambled egg. 

There's suppose to a sausage heart filling but my hand cut one look imperfect so a cheese circle (bless processed cheese) and a heart cut out hides my mangled attempt.

One of the bentos has malteaser balls as well!  Someone's going to get lucky. ^^

Photographed with all my heart cutters.  I have a few......^^
But love comes in all sorts of shapes and colours yes?

I want to collect them all!

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