Thursday, August 04, 2011

Using the rice appliance

Make Bento: To encourage my fight for fitness and healthy life.

I think it plain stupid to pull out our 10cup rice cooker for what amounts to be 2-3 cups of steamed rice.

This is our rice cooker by the way.  He lives under the sink.  He was a lovely birthday present from my darling husband.  Who has learnt that when buying presents for his wife, "useful" is good. but "pretty" is also required... 
Note: Rice cooker lives under the sink, not husband

 So today I grabbed myself one a Microwave rice cooker.
Photo: Decor

According to Uncle Google, All i need is a M-wave Container, water, rice and clingfilm.  So Red boy might be a bit of an overkill.  On the other hand, i have see what microwaves can do to plastic, and my aim from all of this is to remove not add something a little extra to my diet.

So instructions for Sushi Rice. Here.

However, I'm suppose to be on a diet and loose some of the jelly belly.  That meant brown rice... yum.. maybe...  Okay but healthy can still be cute, just brown.  Brown is good!  Just think, Kittens, Bears, Rabbits, Macaroons, Cake, Cookies, Chocolate, Coffee...  errr, think lean Eva, LEAN!


So Instructions for Brown Rice method

After Paul murders me at the gym

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