Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sausage Making + Casing notes

Many months ago, I purchased a mincer with sausage nozzle attachment to make sausages.

My intention was to wow everyone at the Tapas Masterchef comp we were holding.   However, something came up and it was cancelled.   The maker went into my appliance warehouse (aka cupboard) and left alone for many months.

But this month seems to be a time for bring out those shelved projects, (Gingerbread house is also getting a refresh) Sausage casing purchased so off we go!

Steph joined in (being meat lover) and made some lamb sausages, I made soy chicken sausages.  Here are the photos from the whole event
 mincing lamb for sausages
 Dry Roasting Spices for Sausages  < > Dry Spices with soy and other wet ingredients
 Sausage Mince, blur factor was a filter from the phone
 Chinese Soy Chicken sausages
 Lamb Mince
 Lo Sui Marinade - Five Spice, Dark and light soy, cinnamon, orange zest, chinese wine, star aniseed, sichuan peppercorns
Collagen sausage casing

Collagen Casing -  I really recommend these for newbies to sausage making!  I'm not keen on cleaning/flushing hog casing and a big bonus is that these come dry and ready to use, and dont require refrigeration or fussy storage.  Just feed them onto the sausage nozzle and start using.   The texture is like paper, with a touch of oil. I suggest feeding it on the nozzle with damp hands, that way you get more onto the nozzle.  Then snip off about 4cms from the tip, start pumping then twist and seal.  This avoids the air pocket.
Collagen Casing -
Check your nozzle!  the once that came with my mincer is too big for the 26mm casing.  I'm stuck on the 30mm, until I can find another nozzle.

Steph wants to try using the real stuff, but I think the whole thing is fairly fiddly, so TOO bad!

Fat Factor:  All the recipes claim to require the mix at 1part fat, 2 parts meat.  Steph and I found that to be too much fat. so next trial we are reducing the amount of fat to half the called for amount.

Sausage Making:  Everyone should do it.  I was reduced to a giggle schoolgirl for 10mins as we pumped out the first sausage.  Its a great foodie party event, everyone brings their own spiced mince,  it gets pumped into sausages and they everyone tries them out.

Various comments:
Steph: (while mincing with bad russian accent):  Pass me the fat baby. (bey-bee)
Eva: (while Steph stuffs)
Slow down! It's getting too thick!
Are you sure its suppose to be so long?  Its massive (2 foot)
It wont bend! Its pushing the tray off the bench!
Steph (feeding the casing onto the nozzle) Will this condom ever end?
"How appropriate"  A comment on the background music "I Touch Myself" by The Divynls
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Kris said...

Wow, never heard of the collagen casing before! That would make me more willing to try it, as the natural casings also seemed fiddly and gross to me too.