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Recipe for Chinese Soy Sausages

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2kg chicken  thigh fillet 
300g fat (omit if you have skin on the thigh meat)

4 star aniseed
4 cinnamon sticks
3 tablespoons szechuan peppercorns
1 cup dark soy
1 cup light soy
1/2 cup chinese wine (dry sherry)
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt.

Ginger Shallot Relish
3 large knobs of ginger. peeled and cut into small pieces for food processor
2 large stalks of spring onion, diced, dark green stalks removed
olive oil 
1-2 tsp of salt 

Prepare sausage casing, as per instructions. or use collagen casing! :)
Dry roast the spices (star aniseed, cinnamon, peppercorns) take off the heat before it gets smoky and crush in mortar and pestle
Mince the chicken and fat/skin,  with the mincer, you can feed the mix through the mincer once more, if you want a finer sausage meat, but I reckon once is enough.
Add all the marinade and spice ingredients to the mince.  Mix well.  
feed casing onto sausage nozzle.
Give yourself about 7cms of empty skin before you pump the meat 
Fill the sausage as one continous entity, then stop about 7cms from the end of the skin.  Hold both ends of the sausage, fold in half.  where it creases, gently pump the meat away.  Twist. Ooh! you have two sausages! 
Measure out your chosen length, for me it was a hand-width(9cm) then grab and twist, measure out another 9cm grab and twist,  If you have meat oozing out the end, remove the excess meat and tie the end of the sausage.
repeat until you are out of casing (make hamburgers) or out of meat, store left over casing way for another rainy day.
Leave in fridge for 24hrs to marinate and chill.

Throw on the bbq.  Cook until no red juices, serve with relish.

Relish : Simple.  In a food processor, process the ginger to tiny 2mm little chunks ginger, scoop out into bowl, then add the finely chopped spring onion, process until its well and truly chopped.  Add that mess to the ginger with the salt, and pour on the oil, stir.   Keeps forever.  use it in stirfry or just mix into freshly steamed rice. mmm!  

PS:  Chopped spring onions make you bawl!!! darn painful.  T-T. 

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