Monday, August 01, 2011

Cleaning Silicon Cupcake Molds

I love silicon molds.  They compact, colorful and don't require oiling, come in all shapes and sizes, and  they fit in a nice tupperware box ready for me to use at a moments notice.

However, I hate cleaning them.  Really.  I dream of the day I can just throw all of them into a machine and they scrub out all the baked on crumbs and oil.

That day is yet to come.  So I have to resort myself to finding a way to scrub each one, which is quite difficult and time consuming as they are floppy and see those ridges? They are crumb collectors!  Argh!

Yesterday I had used some super large ones to make cakecups, and while I was up to my elbows in soap, I came up a way to at least clean each one properly.  The images explain it all, but basically, you turn the mould inside out over a tea cup, or some other round object, scrub and move onto the next.  The teacup gives you a firm base to scrub on, which gives you cleaner wash.

While im typing this, im thinking about a electronic juicing machine... convert the pike into a scrubbing head and my problems may be solved!  Just what my kitchen needs.  Another appliance!

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