Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pannacotta perfection

I had great fears last night. 
I have made 2 batches of pannacotta previously.  First batch wasn't sweet enough and was well, more cement then cotta.  Fail #1
So I tried again, this time with a yogurt based reciepe.  This was nicer with a light tang.  but the yoghurt seperated and i had a clear layer at the bottom of each cup.  Fail #2
Needless to say Its been an expensive and hip threatening excursion,  but like all cooking freaks one persists.

Trial 3.  a mix of thickened cream, light milk and marscapone cheese.  But I hadn't followed instructions, and the sequence was stuffed. (To my defense i was also baking brownies and biscotti all at the same time!)
They went in the fridge, 2 hrs later, they were still soft! Even threatening to run when tilted!


I was already thinking about batch 4, as I laid my head to sleep, but like the saying "things are better in the morning" they had set overnight!

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