Monday, November 22, 2010

Crafting: Lawn Decorations

Lawn Decorations

I made these decorations to brighten up my garden tea party,   I saw an advertiser using the same method, and I wanted to replicate it for Spring and for some fun.  Turned out to be so easy! 

Colour Laser Printer
Images (min 18cm x 15cm)
Hot glue gun
Wooden chopsticks - with flat sides
A4 290gsm Cardboard or Plastic
3cm masking tape
dry paper glue

  1. If you printed on card then you can skip to step 4
  2. Print out your images, turn over and apply dry glue, cover all of the edges + a bit over. 
  3. Stick the cardboard on sticky side and let it dry under something heavy. Repeat for the rest of your images
  4. When the glue is dry, cut out the image carefully, discard waste in recycle bin.
  5. Get your work bench ready.  Hot Glue gun in the middle, one side the chopsticks and images, on the otherside an empty space to rest the finished products and a vase to hold the finished products.
  6. Check your image,  as you are gluing to the back, last thing you want is an upside down rabbit!  So put it face down in the right direction, so you can quickly apply the sticky chopstick, error free!  
  7. Heat up the glue gun, grab a chopstick, run a thin bead of glue down the flat side, aim for at least 1/3 of the chopstick.  Depends on the image.  A long image will require more support up the top, and thus a shorter stake, a short image will get a longer stake.  Make that judgement as you flip each image over.
  8. Before the glue has set, press the gluey side of the chopstick down on the image. Wriggle the chopstick a little to spread the glue, then put aside and repeat with the rest.
  9. When the hot glue has set and cooled,  Cut a strip of masking tape to cover the section of the chopstick that is glued to the image. This will add extra strength and cover up and hot glue spills. Repeat until all stakes are done.
  10. Wait for a nice sunny day, Take  them out into the park and stick in the ground and admire and take photos

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