Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pocket Sandwiches and Panzanella Salad

I've been meaning to blog this one, because I like the efficent use of all ingredients so no scraps are left.

To make this bento you need a bento sandwich press. This one is mine. I got it from a Japan shipment a friend of mine brought back from Japan. ^^ They aren't cheap on the internet >_<. But if you are in a tight spot I guess you could substitute with cutters, using the large one as the cutter, and flip the smaller as used it as the presser.
You also need a huge loaf of bread. Most Australian bread is 650g or 750g, which i think is too small, so you need to find yourself a 800g loaf. Coles bake their own and you can normally find it in their bakery section. 
So make your pocket sandwiches. I filled mine with tuna and mayo, you can fill it with any soft ingredient, jam, peanut butter, mashed egg, mashed potato, leftovers (as long as they arent too wet).

This is the bit I like the best!  You will be left with the crust, What you do is pop them on the grill and toast until crispy. Then break into small pieces and put that in a sealed bag or wrap in foil.

Make the rest of your salad, (cherry tomatoes, chopped parsely, shredded basil, cheese) and dressing (little container of balasmic dressing with a dash of O.oil). And you are ready to go, pack it all into a your bento box, and when its lunchtime, take out the pockets, pour in the crusts and the dressing, seal, shake and eat!

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