Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spain World Cup Winnners 2010

Spain World Cup Winnners 2010

I have been bentoing... I promise! Just that they haven't been worth blogging or photographing.   More...

In commemoration of Spain winning the World Cup 2010 I thought I would make this bento.

I knew a football would be easy to make... but I never knew pentagons would be so darn hard to cut!!! It took me three goes! Each cut made the shape smaller and smaller and it was still crooked! Argh!
Finally what I did was cut a paper circle with paper punch. Then draw a star and cut out the pentagon. Then cut nori circles and use the pentagon template to cut out the shapes.

Spanish Flag - I had just made Char Sui (chinese bbq pork) which I cut strips to make the red parts of the flag, a egg foldover coloured in the yellow and a crispy end of the char sui made the squiggly bits on the flag come alive :P

And what is Spain without bulls? I made these 3 cute little Ferdinands! Skinless Frankfurt with face cut with cutters. and a slice of Shitake mushroom makes up the horns! (rather proud of that)

The "World Cup" was the last addition and if i did it again i would do that fancy thing with drumsticks where you turn the meat up and reveal the bone. then marinate it in turmeric and curry and bake... *dreams* But its a last minute thing, so I used the leftover egg to made an egg sheet, wrapped the drumstick in the sheet, then wrapped that in glad wrap and popped it into the freezer.

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