Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sewing Project: 2 Zipper Purse

I finally bought a sewing Machine :) Hooray!

Admittedly it was over a month ago, I'm glad to say that all the Home Ec classes from Grade 5 are coming back to me :). I've made a few bits and pieces, but now I'm venturing out to blog about it...
This is my first :) Its a 2 zipper purse. You have one zippered side for money notes and cards you use frequently, then you can turn it over the other zip goes around the corner, so it opens easiliy for you to view the other cards, coins, and in my case a little notepad.

I got the idea from my original purse which I bought in Vietnam. I stupidly chose a white one, and after 6 months of constant use its now a dirty brown white (ick! )

Its not perfect, the stitching is shocking and would turn any fancy mum's hair white with horror. BUT its mine, it works, its my choice of colour and size, and I promise to make more for practice.
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