Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Home Made Pasta, Anti-Masterchef

Steph had the urge to make fresh pasta! Let no one disuade him! It was delicious! And contrary to belief, it was not Masterchef inspired.

In fact our household is MC Free. Both of us can't stand watching the show. Steph because he use to cook commercially for a living, and I can't stand those rah rah statements and the over play with food, and all the branding! Ugh.

I suppose I should think about a cooking show I would like to watch regularly... I use to like Consuming Passions on ABC and the 41 garlic clove chicken... Oh! and remember Peter Russell-Clarke? Haha! I only remember the jingle... can't think of what he cooked. :) I shall ponder some more.

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