Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sorting emailed recipes

I’m really chuffed I came up with this idea.

Because I think about food 24/7, invariably I'm on the internet finding recipes I want to cook.  Like right now, I’m searching for vegetable mousses.

Sometimes I print them out, and I cannot tell you how many times I've left them on the printer, so most times I just email the recipe to myself.

The problem is working on multiple email addresses (2 x personal, 1 x work) I end up losing the recipe and have to search the net again.

Then there are times when I need to re-locate a recipe on the internet. (sometime lucky – sometimes not), so it seems like a good idea to store them somewhere that is easy to access and search.

Enter my idea.

I just setup a 4th email “evasrecipes” with Gmail, so now every time I wish to keep a recipe I can email myself at that address to try.

I’ve also set up labels, (baking/Japanese/bento/Chinese…)

And I just thought of it - I also have a location for Recipes that I’ve amended!

I'm proud of my idea, and now I'm feeling slightly more equipped to deal with the softcopy age

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Kris said...

Great idea! I mostly seem to find recipes through food blogs and such lately, so I've taken to using Google Reader to organise them. I "star" all of the ones I want to save and then use tags to organise. I'm in Reader pretty much all day anyway, so it's quick for me.