Friday, June 11, 2010

Making Mint Bags

Cooking has been a bit lacking recently ... Instead this past week I have been crafting.  First there was Brysons Mountain. Then there was the Pennant Flags, Trial 1, then Trial 2, The start of my new wallet, and I have made the cheap but rather good looking giveaways for Steph's Friday Drinks. [More]

I have to say I'm rather pleased with how it turned out!  You only need a few items, a sewing machine, two contrasting, but theme-colour threads, a pile of colour laser printouts and a bag of thin mints. :)

First, create your design. Use a wallpaper pattern, or go to (this site is the best!) Download a pattern and apply it to the template.  See the image below

I wanted to personalize the giveaway, so I added a bordered textbox, with funny, personalized text, and because I DO think he is super, a gif image of superman.  But you can change it to any theme, any colour, any purpose.

After you’ve printed, cut off the top and bottom edges and fold, make sure that the opening flap sits on top of the pocket.
Next Step is to Get out your sewing Machine, and sew up the first edge.  Snip of the thread and remember to leave a little of extra thread.
Now open up the other end, and you will have created a tube. Fill the tube with a few mints, candies, whatever... push them down to the bottom, then back to the sewing machine to seal the first bag.

Sew the start next pocket, add mint, sew to seal, repeat this, until you’ve sewed and minted all the pockets.
Sew Sew!

Finished Sewing

Snip Snip

With a pair of paper scissors, (Never ever use your Fabric Scissors for this) trim the sides and the extra long threads off.

See easy as!

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