Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Freezing Rice

Brr! The things I do for you...

I read this titbit on Maki-san's Justbento site.  She has tested. I've tested and honest to God, it works! 

While the rice is warm, roll them into small portions and seal them with gladwrap and freeze while warm.  Just remember to follow the rules below:

  • Freeze the bags while the rice is warm. This is because cold rice loses its moisture and tastes horrible.
  • Try and get rid of all the air in the bag before sealing it. Air causes icing and that dries the rice out even more.
  • Don’t squish the rice while sealing. You are storing the rice for future use as onigiris not as rice cakes.
  • When reheating rice, use a seal proof container. Rice will release its moisture as it’s reheated. You need to keep that moisture in!
  • When reheating also add a splash of water, this will compensate the water lost by the grains and if the rice was a bit dry to start with.

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