Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Four Eyes for Two?

I’ve worn glasses for 15 years now. I can't go without, I drives me nuts if I can’t see. I've tried contacts, but I cant focus on a computer screen and I seem to always go home irritable.  So. Don't mess with a working formula, specs it is for me. Until recently

I now have a DSLR.  Big black camera to hold up to my face. It’s a look through little hole camera. It’s a take photo look at screen camera. It’s a make fuzzy vision camera.

For a while I wasn’t aware of the cause and secretly wondered if there was such a thing as Hong Kong Fuzzy Portrait Filter Disease.  But it turned out to be something simpler

The problem is when I hold the camera up to my eye, I inadvertently press the lens of my specs into my eyelid.  So when I remove the camera to look at the screen, one lens is clear, the other blurry.

So after taking a photo, I have to take my glasses off, wipe them. Look at the photo. Adjust the camera settings, take a photo and repeat.

One hour of this and I can tell you I was losing it.  Temper, Glasses and Camera.

This brings me to the reason for the blog.

I went into a great optometrist today.  Came out a little lighter in the wallet, but Boy! Things are a lot more advanced now these days! There was no “Red? or Green?” but 6 different machines! I had air blown at my eyes, looked at the rings of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes (Where Porky Pig comes out), played video games, looked at green flowers, green circles, black squares, black dots... So much variety!  But I digress. 15min of new machines and pretty LEDs, the optometrist concluded that my corneas were too thin to risk eye laser surgery.

That left me sad and relieved.

Sad that I would have to go to contacts or forget about photography, or crack the shits everytime I took a photo, and relieved, in that I wouldn’t be forking out for a big medical bill in the future.

Turns out my corneas in the lowest level are around the 460 mark.  The base line for thickness is 560.  And the reason for my thin corneas.  Eye rubbing.  Did you know a good eye rub feels good, but will thin your cornea?  I didn't.  It felt good!  Now I know, and seriously a little too late!

So children.  If you eyes are itch rub the top of your eye like a fancy lady.  Or you won’t be able to have eye laser surgery when you grow up.
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