Monday, June 21, 2010

Baking Weekend

I love the weekend. :D

No early Mornings, No work and No office.

Just 100% kitchen and TV! hehehe

This weekend I made tim tam croissants and three cheese frittata.


The croissants I have made before. Recipe here.

The Frittata recipe I wanted to trial for a party I'm planning later on in the year ... *secret*  I gleaned the recipe from this blog. (pretty food pic man), whom I follow using Google Reader.

The Frittata was great!  I happened to have some ham and cherry tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes were great!  Adding tart juice to the creamy rich eggy-cheese flavours. Add them in gently, cut side up before popping into the oven.  And now I think of it , a drop of Worcestershire sauce on the tomato would add more zing!

I've learnt a quick and effective way of lining my silicon cupcake holders (SCH) with wax paper!  Simply cut the paper up 10x10cm and dunk the squares in water, place over a SCH, and press the next SCH on top. Presto! Moulded paper! Repeat until you have no more SCHs or paper.  I didn't wait for the paper to dry out... so it was a bit fiddly putting them on the tray... Ill try drying them out next time I bake.

Saturday night we went to K's place to return some items, and stayed to help make pizza.
Inspired by MC, K had gone out to get her unglazed terracotta tile.   We have one too, Steph bought it on his pizza (but not MC inspired) craze.  I leave it in our oven.  I dare not remove it less it drop and crack and I get yelled at >_<   and yes.  He does make a great pizza.  So does K.

Then we had leftover dough...

We mucked around and made cheese sticks. (pizza covered in glaze, cheese sliced and twisted)  herb scroll (pizza piled with leftovers, rolled and cut.  a garlic pizza (three cloves of garlic, Parmesan) and Vegemite and cheese croissants (yum!)   There was a moment when we lost it - unbaked the mozzarella and Vegemite croissants looked like they were in need of a bikini wax.

There were no rules, no convention, no standards.  We made it up as we went along, laughing, gasping with horror, the brainstorming, the dawning of a new idea ...  Its the BEST thing about cooking with friends  :)

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