Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rice and my non-Asian Abilities.

Rice Bowl - Just like the restaurant! Source

I admit it.  Despite the Chinese heritage, despite living in a Chinese restaurant, DESPITE having a Chinese chef for a father.  I . cannot . cook . rice.

To my defense, I grew up watching dad cook rice in big 20L wash-your-baby-in pots.  My duties involved scooping 3 shovels of rice into the pot, and washing the rice three times.  My final duty was to add hot water until rice covered and give it to Dad. 

Dad would take a look at the water, tip the pot on its side, swirl it around then splash some of the water out, or add the water in.  Then he would give it back to me and tell me to put a lid on it and the gas on high.  See! I was crippled.

Mum tried,  she told me that the water needed to cover the first knuckle of your first index finger.  I could never quite grasp the concept because, your hand grows right?  Why would the measurement work if I was 10 and now at 30?  Attempt No 2. Fail.

So if Boyfriend/Fiance (now Husband) wanted steamed rice for dinner (not jook), the rice duties were his.  And to this day he points out that the white guy makes better rice than his chinese wife …

I have no comeback.


Kris said...

My mom used the "knuckle" method too, and I could never get it right. I felt bad until I realised that just about every other Asian in the world - including my grandmother! - uses a rice cooker. So we got one of those. Perfect rice every time. :)

Eva said...

Yep. Rice Cookers are the best invention.