Sunday, May 16, 2010

Edible Skewers

Hello People!  Today I would post a bento tip.

The orginal source came from a Japanese Bento Book (Kaeranmama), and my lovely friend Marisa, who is Japanese. She read the book and pointed out this great tip. Heheh the conversation was rather funny now that i think on it

E: Hi Marisa, i bought another bento book, could you tell me what this is?
M: Oooh! (looks) Oh thats pink cod flakes
E: ahh okay thanks
M (starts flipping the book, reading in japanese) Oooh!! Ahh!
E: What??? What??
M: Ahh they use raw spaghetti
E: Huh? (Looking at picture for raw spaghetti
M: No they use it as skewer, then it soften with water
Use Raw Spaghetti, instead of wooden skewers
E: Oh I see! Clever!

Brilliant! Marissa also said that she has to make a packed lunch for her daughter, and the teacher told her that no toothpicks were allowed. So this was a great idea.And I have used it ever since.

Without Spaghetti, Shaun's ear would have floated away

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