Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bento - Un-cute

Bento - Un-cute
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Honey ... Well you did kinda got what you wanted... 

This bento is a continuation of the un-cute theme. Or maybe the end.  *thinks* Yeah - its The End. 

But to my defense, It's hard for me to make un-cute bentos!  The urge to cover things in happy symbols is too strong!    You open your lunchbox at work, do you want it to say to you.  work harder? or do you want it to take you to some happy place... where the boss has a mute button, and sales are sane?  Yeah.  Keep Dreaming.

But on another note, while I muse about this bento, I do believe hearts are my favorite shape!  Why wouldn't they be? They are SO versatile! On its own it is a symbol of love, but in a bunch you can make flowers or butterflies!

Thats got me thinking .... I might try a heart bento! See how many hearts I can put in one lunch box. heh. the lunchbox of lurve... haha. If i gave that to Husband he might get turned off Bentos completely!

Better give it to Defenseless Brother *evil grin*

Sandwiches - Ham Radish, Lettuce and Mayo
Carrot, Celery and Cucmber sticks, orange segments.

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