Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bento - robot challenge

Bento - robot challenge

Meet Dexter! - (I think only Aussie stuck here in the 80's would know who this is.)

This was a hot hot show about blind dates! :)  A female contestant would stand behind a wall and ask three gentlemen - (NOTE: I use the term "gentleman" VERY loosely here!) questions about what their dreams, hopes and ideal woman. 
A bit of meet and greet, more questions, jokes and embarassing moments before Dexter would come on and he would compute all the answers and advise the female hopeful of who was their perfect match.

I would watch this on telly after school, before the 6.00pm restaurant rush, guessing which mullet man would be the perfect match for the hopeful shoulder-pad shelia.  It's so corny and 80's that it's priceless.

Here are some more images and articles

Dexter with Garry Evans and Debbie Newsome Source

Dexter the true star of the show. Source

There are even clips on youtube! *OMG!*
Hahaha! Lambing Time! 

I also chose Dexter has he will be my first competition entry into Kawaii Bento Club Challenge!  Wish me luck.

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