Monday, May 24, 2010

Bento Manga

Although its titled as Hatsukio Lunch Box, if you're reading my blog you should know that Bento Box is the correct and preferred term!

Its light reading for bento lovers who make bentos for the purpose of their friends, loved ones, who aren't aiming for perfection, or artistic FACE FOOD value.  I don't have a problem with those bentos.  but I do question the priorities of someone who painstakingly cuts out a intricate pattern in Nori.

Anyway back to the Manga, Sae, our heroine, loves to eat, but can't cook.  Enter childhood friend Yuuki who picks on Sae's insaitable appetite but scores points because he and his sister run a very tasty cafe.  Each chapter starts with Sae finding a friend who's in need of courage to declare their devotion to the object of their affection, (a clueless cute boy)  Bentos are made with the help of Oni-san (Yuki's sister) and Yuuki, food is packed and the blushing girl gives her bento to a blushing boy.  Accepted and Happy ever after.  Fuzzy good feelings assured.

But the best thing is at the end of each chapter, YOU yes YOU!  can  make the starring bento!  The Recipe and Ingredient list are very concise and easy to follow!  

I just read chapter 4, and I'm interested in making umorice (rice in omlette) will tell you how that goes later!

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