Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bento - LOST TV Series 1 - Not Penny's Boat

Bento - LOST TV Series 1 - Not Penny's Boat
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Husband asked for an "un-qoote" Bento.

Okay. Wifey make "un-qoote". That means Hello Kitty is out, so are faces, smileys hearts, animals... Boring! Not challengeing! Wifey has standards!

Ask friends. Someone suggested SAW the movie... hehehe.

Instead Pikko's bentos inspired me to do one of Husband's favourite TV Series LOST.

This is one of my favorite scene. Where Charlie aka Hobbit performs his last action - hes just declared his love for Sarah and finally their relationship looks like smooth sailing when this happens!

You know its his last word, and you expect something soppy for Claire but instead - NOT PENNY'S BOAT was sharpied onto his hand.

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