Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bento Desert - Croissant Flooding


Its nearly a week and no Bentos!

But I have been busy!  hehehe :D

You can tell by the way the kitchen is covered in flour, and Steph won't go near the bench. keke

That's because all week I have been making Croissants! More

I've made them before, and THAT was a Character Building event. >_< But I learnt some lessons that have made this batch much easier to cope with.
Mountain Croissant Lessons:

Half the batch
Start EARLIER. (Create Dough to Bake: 9hours)

So this time I started at 1pm in the afternoon. But because it was a while since i made Mount Croissant, I had forgotten some of my techniques. This is a record of what went wrong, so next time I take a Croissant Hiatus it will refresh my memory

Batch1 Lessons:

  • Milk needs to be warm not boiling.
  • Yeast will dissolve and look like its dead, but dont give up. It WILL bubble.
  • Add Sugar with 1/2 water and melted butter, THEN add salt (salt kills yeast)
  • Use a finer grain of salt.
  • Try Again!

Batch 2: Remember all the points above. (Darn forgot. Lesson 2 and started at 9pm. Oh well.) Wow! The dough was so lovely to work with! Seriously people! You need to get some dough on your hands! Its warm, silky, responsive and very addictive to knead! (Eva, you freak) :)

But again I failed. At 3.20am I could do no more =_= Curse tiredness! the other three folds would have to wait until the morning.

Batch 2 Lessons:

  • Resting the Dough overnight or 3hrs, not much difference
  • Resting the dough after one of the 4 folds - Big Problem.
  • Reasoning: You see the butter in the dough solidifies, and that makes rolling the dough, not only much harder, but the butter knobs will break through the fine layers of dough, and you reduce that flaky internal texture so loved by croissant connoisseur. Its a good and bad thing, a little of it is good - a lot of it is bad.

Husband woke me up after I baked batch 2.
Your Croissants are good! :) But not as good as the first batch)
Sigh. Ill try again.

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