Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three Little Pigs Bentos

Todays Bento - I took inspiration from an old story. Three Little Pigs and their construction woes, Where the Woollongong council comes in.... thats for you to add.

Three Little Pigs - Straw House

Three Little Pigs - Twig House

Three Little Pigs - Brick House

The Story I Tried to Write...

Mama and Papa Pig had hit a crossroad. They had raised 3 piglets, each now legal and enjoying the perks of living out of the parent house. Free food, free board and a free maid! Life was good. They had much hopes of it lasting forever, but Mama and Papa Pig had other ideas.

One Sunday afternoon, the three youngsters were lounging in the den, feet on Mama's freshly polished coffee table, when the parents dropped their bombshell.

"We have sold the house. We want a holiday, and its time you boys left the house." said Papa Pig.

But Dad!!! This is Sydney!!! the prices are overinflated! It will cost me $500K just to buy a unit! I can't do that! Cried the first piglet, lets call him Clem.


I'm far too tired to continue...

11.42am (After a few hours sleep)

Yeah Dad! What are we going to do! You're throwing us out on the street" chimed Harry and Pete, the twins of the family.

Papa Pig, sighed and mentally rolled his eyes. "Oh stop carrying on!" We giving each of you a bit of money for your deposit, so go out and buy your own house!

That subsided the squealing. If nothing else works, money does talk.

Monies dispersed, Mum and Dad off on a Grey nomad trip around Australia with (Virgin Mobile coverage aka Not contactable) Each piglet went off to find their own homes.

In a place as big as Sydney! it couldn't be that hard could it?

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