Monday, February 08, 2010

Punctuation Bentos

I've signed up to do a Grammar and Editing course with the Eastern Suburbs Education College. The course was run by a cool lady called Gaye, who reminded me of Karen from McG. She was nice and full of excellent explanations!

I'm doing the course to improve my grammar and punctuation because I hope to take up more writing for profit. Bento blogging is fun but it just doesn't pay the bills, and with the current GFC, every extra buck earned can mean good things down the track.

So at class today, we were introduced to punctuation. We learnt what all the strange symbols were called and how to use them. And as a result, tonight's bentos are a tribute to my enlightenment.

Steph has the separators which include colon, semi-colon and the comma. Ed has the terminators which are the ellipsis and the question mark. I have also have both which is the hyphen and an exclamation mark.

FYI - Terminators are things that end the sentence. Separators are things that separate clauses of a sentence.

Today we covered Comma and Colon.

Comma are a useful tool to any writer to control the impact a sentence has on a reader. It is used to pause and give emphasis. It can be used as a separator within a group of nouns, adjectives, or word groups. It is used to give impact to the main clause of a sentence. It can be used to isolate additional but non-essential information.

Colons are used to announce. It is used to notify the reader that soon there will be a lot of incoming information. Its most famous usage is to herald a list of items. It also heralds the subtitle and is used in directive speech where there is no attribute. It is used to introduce detailed explanations, and can also be used at the start of a long long quote.

Quoting is seems, has a lot of punctuation rules.

I'm learning, and I hope this leads me to a bigger future for 2010.

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