Saturday, February 13, 2010

Almond Croissants - Recipes - Poh’s Kitchen

Almond Croissants - Recipes - Poh’s Kitchen

Okay. *brushes flour off pants and sits*

First note. This will make a truckload of croissants!

My poor little fire-red Kenwood was struggling with just half the batch! So unless you have a commercial mixer *drool* I suggest you 1/3 the ingredients or half it.

Another thing! Before you start measure everything! esp. the salt and sugar!

So far...
I've made the recipe in two batches. and they're in the fridge. First turn is at 1am.

I will actually have real size croissants! The yeast ratio requested is more than the BB recipe. And I think the problem with the BB technique was that it asked that I stir in the dry yeast and sugar, then add the milk, then add the salt, with not much time for the yeast to activate., between the milk and the salt.

POST: 3am now.
1 turn as been and gone. This recipe is huge. I have two 40 x 15 x 6 cm casserole dishes and the dough nearly fills up the dish! I pray it doesnt get bigger... But I think I have not a chance.

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