Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three Little Pigs Bentos

Todays Bento - I took inspiration from an old story. Three Little Pigs and their construction woes, Where the Woollongong council comes in.... thats for you to add.

Three Little Pigs - Straw House

Three Little Pigs - Twig House

Three Little Pigs - Brick House

The Story I Tried to Write...

Mama and Papa Pig had hit a crossroad. They had raised 3 piglets, each now legal and enjoying the perks of living out of the parent house. Free food, free board and a free maid! Life was good. They had much hopes of it lasting forever, but Mama and Papa Pig had other ideas.

One Sunday afternoon, the three youngsters were lounging in the den, feet on Mama's freshly polished coffee table, when the parents dropped their bombshell.

"We have sold the house. We want a holiday, and its time you boys left the house." said Papa Pig.

But Dad!!! This is Sydney!!! the prices are overinflated! It will cost me $500K just to buy a unit! I can't do that! Cried the first piglet, lets call him Clem.


I'm far too tired to continue...

11.42am (After a few hours sleep)

Yeah Dad! What are we going to do! You're throwing us out on the street" chimed Harry and Pete, the twins of the family.

Papa Pig, sighed and mentally rolled his eyes. "Oh stop carrying on!" We giving each of you a bit of money for your deposit, so go out and buy your own house!

That subsided the squealing. If nothing else works, money does talk.

Monies dispersed, Mum and Dad off on a Grey nomad trip around Australia with (Virgin Mobile coverage aka Not contactable) Each piglet went off to find their own homes.

In a place as big as Sydney! it couldn't be that hard could it?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The little birds Bento

The little birds Bento
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Bird Theme tonight. Don't know why, it just seemed to happen. This bento reminds me of that Pixar short film...

Other Bird Bentos

Three Chicken Bento
Three chicks. Three hens. Three old boilers.
Just don't get clucky.

The Song Bird Bento
Four little song birds, ready to sing their hearts out.
I must get a musical note punch.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Moustache Bento

Three Moustache Bento
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Here we celebrate the adorment of Facial Hair. I personally don't like it, but today Steph's weekend growth was quite inspiring.

Star and Heart Bento

Star and Heart Bento
Star and Heart Bento
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A strange one, This is an unhappy heart and star bento.

I made this while watching the Aussie Bob Sled team come to grief at this years Winter Olympics. The poor guys were so broken.

Other Bento:

Three Cheeky Friends

Three Cheeky Friends.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Almond Croissants - Recipes - Poh’s Kitchen

Almond Croissants - Recipes - Poh’s Kitchen

Okay. *brushes flour off pants and sits*

First note. This will make a truckload of croissants!

My poor little fire-red Kenwood was struggling with just half the batch! So unless you have a commercial mixer *drool* I suggest you 1/3 the ingredients or half it.

Another thing! Before you start measure everything! esp. the salt and sugar!

So far...
I've made the recipe in two batches. and they're in the fridge. First turn is at 1am.

I will actually have real size croissants! The yeast ratio requested is more than the BB recipe. And I think the problem with the BB technique was that it asked that I stir in the dry yeast and sugar, then add the milk, then add the salt, with not much time for the yeast to activate., between the milk and the salt.

POST: 3am now.
1 turn as been and gone. This recipe is huge. I have two 40 x 15 x 6 cm casserole dishes and the dough nearly fills up the dish! I pray it doesnt get bigger... But I think I have not a chance.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Punctuation Bentos

I've signed up to do a Grammar and Editing course with the Eastern Suburbs Education College. The course was run by a cool lady called Gaye, who reminded me of Karen from McG. She was nice and full of excellent explanations!

I'm doing the course to improve my grammar and punctuation because I hope to take up more writing for profit. Bento blogging is fun but it just doesn't pay the bills, and with the current GFC, every extra buck earned can mean good things down the track.

So at class today, we were introduced to punctuation. We learnt what all the strange symbols were called and how to use them. And as a result, tonight's bentos are a tribute to my enlightenment.

Steph has the separators which include colon, semi-colon and the comma. Ed has the terminators which are the ellipsis and the question mark. I have also have both which is the hyphen and an exclamation mark.

FYI - Terminators are things that end the sentence. Separators are things that separate clauses of a sentence.

Today we covered Comma and Colon.

Comma are a useful tool to any writer to control the impact a sentence has on a reader. It is used to pause and give emphasis. It can be used as a separator within a group of nouns, adjectives, or word groups. It is used to give impact to the main clause of a sentence. It can be used to isolate additional but non-essential information.

Colons are used to announce. It is used to notify the reader that soon there will be a lot of incoming information. Its most famous usage is to herald a list of items. It also heralds the subtitle and is used in directive speech where there is no attribute. It is used to introduce detailed explanations, and can also be used at the start of a long long quote.

Quoting is seems, has a lot of punctuation rules.

I'm learning, and I hope this leads me to a bigger future for 2010.