Sunday, December 20, 2009

Degas Bento

On the nineth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 9 ladies dancing...

9 ladies!!!
NINE fricking ladies! Cripes!
These quantities are getting a bit silly! It would mean making 9 pretty dresses, 18 arms and legs and 9 heads, and nine rice balls to sit the prima donnas on? Or cheat and make one big picture bento? Yeah. Who am I kidding? Picture Bento.

I did art in high school and one of the artists I admired was Degas. He did a series of ballerinas that are pretty and very light hearted to look at. Here's one of them below.
And here is my Degas Bento.

The ballerina is made from turkey breast, champagne ham, seaweed ribbon, lettuce hair and tomato crown. The flowers on her dress are deep fried shallots and the floor had to be coloured with soy so the leg could stand out.

Other Bentos

Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday at becasse

Oh my
Sooo good!
Lovely service! David, Eddie and matthais looked after us and made us feel very special!

The salad of heirloom tomatoes and olive oil sorbet yum! And the poached kingfish divine! Steph talked I just ate! The suckling pig was a melting moment but the banana creme brulee!!!!! Oh. My. God! Think banana milkshake but crunchy, decadent, sundae delight. I will bribe anyone to bring one of those babies out for me while I have my coffee.

We will go back for the rabbit next time and personally me, at least three serves of the banana brulee

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Days of Bento'mas

My next challenge.
It is the Christmas and I should add more stress to the season? We are hosting christmas at home, so cleaning, chuckout, and rearranging will be required. and only two weeks to go... just enough time for me to try a 12 days of christmas bento.... (However I just calculated I only have 7 working days.) Man its creeped up fast!

I might even make the whole lot for Christmas day too! - That will keep me out of trouble.

So here's the Schedule:

12 - Drum
11 - Pipe
10 - Man
9 - Lady
8 - Girl + cow
7 - Swan
6 - Bird + egg
5 - Rings
4 - Telephone + bird
3 - French flag + chicken
2 - Turtle + bird
a - Bird + pear + tree

Game on! Why not. You only live once, and Bentos are made to be eaten.

Domo-Kun Bento

Brown Rice - healthy and cooks nicely after a soak.

Stuffed with dashi pumpkin. and condiments include green beans, dim sims, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans.

Monday Bentos

Not going to type much here, as Ive nicked the tip of my finger with the mandolin. yeah shaved eva for your meal.. gross. Anyway typing hurts, so this bento is made with the garlic/ginger chicken i marinated. it was a bit too salty (fish sauce) so it made a great center filling for the onigiri. Theres also dashi stewed pumpkin. Sausages, and edamame beans.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Rice that broke her back

Its official. I will never buy Sunlong again. It's more expensive, it never clumps. and it has truly broken me. Its dry when its hot, its dry when its cold. There is no gluten in it at all... just starch.

So boys. microwave this one. or you'll end up choking.

But I kept trying, and in the end only one bento had onigiri. the others ended up with pictures.
2 cats, made with salty duck egg onigiri, with nori paper features. Green Spinach stirfry. Turkey meat balls, sausage and grape tomatoes.

I bought these cute cookie cutters in Hot Dollar, and Cut the pandas out of Mortadella, and it has chicken loaf features. the Hands are made from a mini club cutter! Cute!
2nd half has spinach with Turkey meatballs and edamame beans.

Ed bento has 3 onigiris mashed down into a bed of rice, on which a bevy of creatures and flowers sit upon. The Side dishes of Spinach stir fry and a egg face, the other side holds a treasure of baked goodies.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Bovine Bentos

How Now Brown Cow?
The planning worked. And the Brown rice was a treat to cook! - I soaked the rice with boiling water for an hour before cooking, adding extra water (better soggy than crunchy!) I seasoned the rice with just salt and sugar, before moulding into onigiris.

Made with Brown Rice, Flora is looking out of her stall, with milk bottles on either side. The little egg cow was a last minute extra.

Bessie is made from brown rice. nori paper, fishball eyes, ham nose, and shitake mushroom ears and cheese ears. Standing on Fishcake legs and lots of sausage and brocolli surrounding her rotund body.
Not much greens here... Must have eaten it all, hence the happy face.

Mooove it!

Bento Planning

I wonder if they'll turn out like this?
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Shaun the Sheep Bento

I'm loving this cookbook! The bentos in it aren't too hard and they are such a wonderful inspiration. Today we have Shaun the Sheep.

Made with salmon onigiri, his face covered with nori paper, and a bare ball of sushi rice for the hair. His ears are made with Coon cheese, covered with nori paper. Cut the shape out of the paper first and then put on the cheese, and cut the ears out of the cheese, they are held on to the face by spaghetti. Surrounding Shaun is a collection of CT's sausages bits, and meatballs.

His eyes watch you from all angles!

In the side bins are two of Shaun's fellow companions. - one is asleep in a field of steamed chinese cabbage and carrot flowers, the other is munching happily over a bead of edamame beans.

Other 2 bentos aren't as exciting.
Rabbit Bento - face is based on Miffy, but the shape is a bit too long and big to be Miffy.
I have a cutter that cuts out those ham ear bits! so much easier. Surrounding it all is Chinese cabbage, a cherry tomatoes and one meat balls. And because its a rabbit bento, i had to add a rabbit skewer.

Face Bento - I hollowed out a cherry tomato, filled it with mayo and cut some sausage in the shape of a club... For some reason I keep thinking of Vi's KK.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Time to start

After a massive Sunday feast, that included some hardcore marinated lamb ribs (marinated by moi), Fish and pork skewers (yum), chicken wings (delish), amazing bread salad (more-ish!), my first radish (going back for more), Gingerbread House (demolished!), Mango-misu(bowl-lickable) and an exciting day that invovled, playing with Mr. B, KK, friends, goss and news.

I needed sleep. Big time. Zzzz.

Now Its nearly 12am... A 5hr sleep... I'm awake. and my body clock is so screwed for the week.

However, one doesn't bum around in bed! There are boys to be fed in the morning... so off to the kitchen to make a bento or two. or three. hrm. maybe four.

I have the rice cooker on, with sticky sushi rice, steaming in there is some chopped wom bak and in a ramiken I have a salted duck egg... Not sure what I'm making tonight... shall see.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Police Bento

We had fried rice for dinner tonight. It was made from the un clumpable sunlong white rice, some finely chopped kohlrabi, a few Thai Fishcakes, egg and some peas. The leftover were going into a container... when I remembered Ed was working tomorrow.

Because the rice was unclumpable, onigiris were out of the question, so a picture based bento was required. I got the idea from the Bento book, but skewed it to match my ingredients.

The original police car had the word POLICE carved out of cheese... It's fricking ONE AM... So "P" was all Ed was going to get, and as you can see all that would FIT.
The body is made out of cheese and nori, it has carrot and sausage wheels, and a sausage tip siren.

Mr Policeman. A Policemen isn't a policeman without his uniform and I do draw a line at colouring food for the sake of it. So to distinguish our hero from the jailbird, he needed a hat. When I think of police hats I can't help but to think of domed hat that the British wear. Made from half an egg, nori features, a British police hat with sausage rim and carrot star. He's not too happy because he's working Saturday and Steph couldn't recognise his authority.

And the jailbird who is behind bars, he was caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar. You can see his ham face with nori features and little ham hands, peeking out behind nori jail bars. To make him stand out, I put an egg crepe over the fried rice before placing the culprit and jail on top.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pig Bento

Good Evening! Please meet Mr and Mrs Pig Bento.
Heh. Steph will have Piggy rice balls with Sausage and Ham Features... You cant ignore the connection. And its probably one of the few rice balls where the materials will match the features. (thinks about all the cats, bears, dogs rice balls that have been made)

I always do grumpy and happy rice ball... hrm... must work on more face expressions.

This book is good! The instructions to make the balls are quick and simple to follow.

Other Bento Boxes are:
Sausage Train Bento, 4 Bear Bento and Leftover Rabbit/Bear Bento

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pingu Bento

Not bad eh? Except the onigiris are the size of softballs!

The other funny thing was because its a low height bento (1inch) the rice balls took up most of the space, so the sausage beaks were pressed up against the clear lid. It looked like they were looking through the window, hoping to get out!

Oh and another note. Sunlong Rice, the Long Grain Variety makes HORRIBLE riceballs! They just fall apart! Okay i know you are suppose to use sushi rice. but I have been successfully using a thai brand of jasmine rice and i find its just as sticky and capable of holding fusion. However this Sunlong stuff is so crumbly! Yuk! And its not too nice to eat too... >_<

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Bento Book

According to this book - i should be able to make THAT in 15mins...

The challenge is on!

2Hr Bentos

Bentos for today.

2 hrs!!! and its a world record!

Most of its made with my new bento toys... which i should put up a gallery.

Mickey mouse onigiri with face presses is the highlight. but if you noticed the sando cutouts youre doing pretty good too!