Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mr Penicillin Bento

Another character from Moyashimon

Meet Penicillien Chrysogenum, more often known as green mold. (found on bread)
hes made from chicken and lettuce sandwiches hehehe

But I drew a line at dying the body green (its a boiled egg). So he's got a bleached body, but he does have edamame arms and hair.

The other bento is a doghouse, hes forgotten to take the last 2 bentos to work! My works of art werent being appreciated (hence the uninterested cat bento yesterday) and now....

But to be honest, hes done lots of things for me this week and i love him to bits for that! However as a woman, I nitpick so over the bento matter, hes in trouble ;)