Sunday, December 06, 2009

Time to start

After a massive Sunday feast, that included some hardcore marinated lamb ribs (marinated by moi), Fish and pork skewers (yum), chicken wings (delish), amazing bread salad (more-ish!), my first radish (going back for more), Gingerbread House (demolished!), Mango-misu(bowl-lickable) and an exciting day that invovled, playing with Mr. B, KK, friends, goss and news.

I needed sleep. Big time. Zzzz.

Now Its nearly 12am... A 5hr sleep... I'm awake. and my body clock is so screwed for the week.

However, one doesn't bum around in bed! There are boys to be fed in the morning... so off to the kitchen to make a bento or two. or three. hrm. maybe four.

I have the rice cooker on, with sticky sushi rice, steaming in there is some chopped wom bak and in a ramiken I have a salted duck egg... Not sure what I'm making tonight... shall see.


Kris said...

Wait, is that the mango-misu from the cover of the Christmas Delicious mag? I was thinking of making that too!

Eva said...

yes it was and it was delicious!