Monday, December 07, 2009

Shaun the Sheep Bento

I'm loving this cookbook! The bentos in it aren't too hard and they are such a wonderful inspiration. Today we have Shaun the Sheep.

Made with salmon onigiri, his face covered with nori paper, and a bare ball of sushi rice for the hair. His ears are made with Coon cheese, covered with nori paper. Cut the shape out of the paper first and then put on the cheese, and cut the ears out of the cheese, they are held on to the face by spaghetti. Surrounding Shaun is a collection of CT's sausages bits, and meatballs.

His eyes watch you from all angles!

In the side bins are two of Shaun's fellow companions. - one is asleep in a field of steamed chinese cabbage and carrot flowers, the other is munching happily over a bead of edamame beans.

Other 2 bentos aren't as exciting.
Rabbit Bento - face is based on Miffy, but the shape is a bit too long and big to be Miffy.
I have a cutter that cuts out those ham ear bits! so much easier. Surrounding it all is Chinese cabbage, a cherry tomatoes and one meat balls. And because its a rabbit bento, i had to add a rabbit skewer.

Face Bento - I hollowed out a cherry tomato, filled it with mayo and cut some sausage in the shape of a club... For some reason I keep thinking of Vi's KK.

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