Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Rice that broke her back

Its official. I will never buy Sunlong again. It's more expensive, it never clumps. and it has truly broken me. Its dry when its hot, its dry when its cold. There is no gluten in it at all... just starch.

So boys. microwave this one. or you'll end up choking.

But I kept trying, and in the end only one bento had onigiri. the others ended up with pictures.
2 cats, made with salty duck egg onigiri, with nori paper features. Green Spinach stirfry. Turkey meat balls, sausage and grape tomatoes.

I bought these cute cookie cutters in Hot Dollar, and Cut the pandas out of Mortadella, and it has chicken loaf features. the Hands are made from a mini club cutter! Cute!
2nd half has spinach with Turkey meatballs and edamame beans.

Ed bento has 3 onigiris mashed down into a bed of rice, on which a bevy of creatures and flowers sit upon. The Side dishes of Spinach stir fry and a egg face, the other side holds a treasure of baked goodies.

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