Saturday, December 05, 2009

Police Bento

We had fried rice for dinner tonight. It was made from the un clumpable sunlong white rice, some finely chopped kohlrabi, a few Thai Fishcakes, egg and some peas. The leftover were going into a container... when I remembered Ed was working tomorrow.

Because the rice was unclumpable, onigiris were out of the question, so a picture based bento was required. I got the idea from the Bento book, but skewed it to match my ingredients.

The original police car had the word POLICE carved out of cheese... It's fricking ONE AM... So "P" was all Ed was going to get, and as you can see all that would FIT.
The body is made out of cheese and nori, it has carrot and sausage wheels, and a sausage tip siren.

Mr Policeman. A Policemen isn't a policeman without his uniform and I do draw a line at colouring food for the sake of it. So to distinguish our hero from the jailbird, he needed a hat. When I think of police hats I can't help but to think of domed hat that the British wear. Made from half an egg, nori features, a British police hat with sausage rim and carrot star. He's not too happy because he's working Saturday and Steph couldn't recognise his authority.

And the jailbird who is behind bars, he was caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar. You can see his ham face with nori features and little ham hands, peeking out behind nori jail bars. To make him stand out, I put an egg crepe over the fried rice before placing the culprit and jail on top.

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