Monday, December 07, 2009

Bovine Bentos

How Now Brown Cow?
The planning worked. And the Brown rice was a treat to cook! - I soaked the rice with boiling water for an hour before cooking, adding extra water (better soggy than crunchy!) I seasoned the rice with just salt and sugar, before moulding into onigiris.

Made with Brown Rice, Flora is looking out of her stall, with milk bottles on either side. The little egg cow was a last minute extra.

Bessie is made from brown rice. nori paper, fishball eyes, ham nose, and shitake mushroom ears and cheese ears. Standing on Fishcake legs and lots of sausage and brocolli surrounding her rotund body.
Not much greens here... Must have eaten it all, hence the happy face.

Mooove it!

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