Saturday, November 14, 2009

Freakiest Dream to Date

If Dreams are related to events of the day before then I must have an alternative mind out there...

My dreams are never a sequence, its more like a random series of events
  • Steph had found a source for one of the rare fiction books he reads. Yes he does read novels!
  • We followed a monk. (old man, beard, brown robe) into a church.
  • church layout was L-shaped. on the short arm, inner corner was a bench where another monk was manning the front desk.
  • Steph and the monks discussed the book while I looked around.
  • To the left was the most garish duck-shell blue and white pedestal, made of little columns with a big white central flourish with a big sapphire. On it was a human head, the size of a big water melon. I was sure it was art, but it was life-like enough to be freaky.
  • The pedestal and head was for sale.
  • I told some Church Aunties who were there. (Hi Auntie Millie and Auntie Alison) about the freaky face. It was a interesting topic.
Then the dream changes.
  • We're at home. Friends are over. Wilson (i only know one Wilson) wants to stain some wood for us, but needs the crates to rest the wood on.
  • Steph and Ed cant find the crates, I go looking. (they're on the book shelf)
  • The wood is dusty. I ask if one could brush away the dust after staining. It took a bit, I had to hear a lot about reasons, when I only wanted an answer.
  • While I was looking for the crate. Steph lit the candles on my birthday cake, but had to put them out because it was too smoky
  • He ran into Ed's room with the cake, I found him there. The chocolate cake with plastic happy birthday was surrounded by many many many candles. and the heat had melted the cake into a sorry looking puddle.

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