Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bentos 18th November

I like shape cutting. its lots of fun, and adds a new dimension to bento making.

Here we have a set of bentos, using rice flavoured with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt(RVSS) To make the shapes, put a handful of rice on some gladwrap, roll it up so the rice is encased and mould. Then unwrapped and added nori punched shapes. I had bought numbers cutouts and with those cut out ham and cheese bits to add to the faces.

I never know how the bento turns out until i make them. Their faces are never planned, they just seem to happen.

The pacman bento was a surprise. i had a bit too much rice for that bento box, so i squeezed it into a log, and fluted one of the ends. to turn it into a ghost. And you need the hero, pacman was made from one rice ball, with nori mouth cut out and added on. Eye and Eybrow (which i later learnt was of my imagination)

I made the pink from seasoned cod powder which you can buy at japanese grocery stores, season your rice with RVSS, seperate some of the rice into a seperate bowl, sprinkle the colouring you add and with cutting motions mix it into the rice.

Once youve made the rice, then fill the bento space with spare bits you have in your fridge/pantry.
Pop in the fridge. and if they remember the boys will take them to work, cool and let them warm up in their bags, so that by lunchtime its ready to eat!
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