Friday, November 27, 2009

5.30am Bentos

This time I didn't stay up! I'm not going to be a mess, because I went to bed EARLY! and woke up early today too!

On a side note. I'm a bit disturbed by the dream i had, Where I had to go downstairs to get to the carpark and one step was a good one metre drop! Which is fine if your in sneakers but I was wearing stilettos in this dream...

Anyway back to bentos.
I've been following AnnaTheRed's Bento Factory Website, obviously she's more pro than me, but she's a great source of inspiration! (And today I've been inspired by her Sheep Giris, and Ponyo Sisters! So cute!)

Onigiris - this time they have no filling, just the RVSS mix. - But i made sheep faces! and to follow the vampire theme, a bloodsucking Onigiri, and a few mutants.

Beef Meatballs - these have tofu in them!!! It add health factor along with moisture, as bento need to have a dry factor, something a bit wet is nice on the palate.

Ponyo Sisters, I had some big grape tomatoes and this seemed like the perfect use of them. Rarely do i have ham in the fridge (gets hoovered pretty quickly) They are so cute. ATR's instructions are great, so much so that i could do them from memory.

Anzac Cookies - well you know that Massive biscuit i baked yesterday? Well i thought i would make one big one and cut them out... right? Wrong. ANZAC is very soft when warm. Lucky however as its still mallable, so i ripped of little bits of the monster cookie and rolled them into balls and other shapes! They still taste good and the fit in the bentos to boot! NICE!

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