Thursday, November 26, 2009

4.07am Bento

Its been a long day... I'm too tired to really blog properly so use your eyes. But there's so much talk about vampires fiction and movies had to make Count Onigiri!

First one. Ugh! Corny Count

Ahh Second One... Much Better!


I'm awake now. 5 hr sleep, and I'm fresh but a a bit worn down from all of yesterdays exercise. So onwards with a description.

Onigiri. I have been working on the RVSS mix and i think i have it down almost right! for 3 Cups of rice, use 1.5 teasp of salt, 2 teasp of sugar, and 1/2 cup of rice vinegar. You need to have a heavy elbow with the seasoning, or the rice wont be tasty :(
This lot of onigiri's had salmon and tuna mayo filling. I had a can of greensea, seeded mustard mayo flavour in the pantry. but there was so little tuna!!! i had to add a can of red salmon to the mix, again use a heavy seasoning elbow. The mayo helps add flavour and moisture too!

I made turkey meatballs! There's heaps in the freezer now so I have a quick meat option for the Bento They were easy to make! 1kg of turkey mince, 2 eggs, and a whole heap of breadcrumbs. 1 cupped hand of teriyaki sauce, and some extra salt and oil. mix togehter until well combined. shape balls using one gloved hand and a bowl scraper (keeps one hand clean) plonk on a plate to be ready to cook. Now to pan cook, use a wok. add oil. wait till its hot (sizzle when meat touches it) then throw in 6 or 8 of them in. let them sizzle for a few seconds. Pick up the wok and swirl to make the meatballs roll around in the wok, until all sides are browned. then just leave the wok for a bit turning occasionally until the balls are golden brown! YUM!

Next Item! Anzac Cookies! (Yes this was now 2am by this stage) The recipe asked for me to drop walnut sized mounds, but I needed them small, so I tried almond sized. but the mix was so dang dry that the little mounds would flake and i would have ended up with toasted museli instead! GRR!!! I tried for 2 trays. Then Gave Up. Hence this photo of the biggest Anzac cookie ever.

Man I had a workout (gym, wii and kitchen!) I hope the scales tell me so tonight!!

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