Monday, November 30, 2009

12.05am Bentos

Bento definitely take me 3 hours to make. And 2 hrs to blog.

Ed gets lucky tomorrow. That big one is his. Steph has the Rudolph Bento and Chris has the cat and chicken Bento and I'll have the leftover mutant one.

New items this week

Quail Eggs - Not sure about these. Sure they're cute but I'm feel guilty, quails are ... I've cut a bit of carrot moon to make the comb, eyes are made from nori.

Steph has a "red rooster" made with a grape tomato, nori eyes, carrot comb, and lemon peel beak, held in by a little bit of spaghetti.

Turkey Balls - from last time. Ding and they're done. I have lots of little balls in the freezer...

Onigiri - I have new letter punches hence so many cats. the whiskers are made form a "b" with a bit of cutting. I also got an "n" for the eyes and a "y" which makes great antlers. The filling is pork meat soboro. I didnt drain the sauce off properly that why this neko has a bit of brown on its face! But it makes it look "or-fen-tick" (authentic)

Spinach - Everyone needs to do the Popeye and ate their greens. Its so simple to make! Just finley chopp it all up, then blanch quickly before a stir-fry with garlic, sesame oil, sesame seeds and mirin. Stores for ages and you can even use it as stuffing for onigiri. Just be prepared for some faces going green ^^

Muesli bars - I made these mini bars to go into the bentos. I find that with baked goods you will need to make your own. So with a bag of lowan Muesli, honey, golden syrup, butter and cornflour, mix it all and bake on baking paper. Then let it cool and cut into small bars. Now I have a jar full of them! Ed scored the leftovers which are in a jar for him to munch on. They are seriously easy to make!!! for the price you pay for a packet of jumbo ones you could make muesli bars for so much cheaper... and probably less sugar too!

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