Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pho Broth

woohoo!!! another Viet thing down!

Pho Broth, that amazing fragrant broth full of beefy goodness, and slurpulicious noodles!

I made the broth! hooray!

Oh its perfuming the air as i write about it! Hard work but even steph is approving its flavour!

One Ikea Papa Pot
2kg. Beef Bones
1kg Chuck Steak
6 small onions
one big knob of ginger
Star Aniseed
1 stick of cinnamon
2 small lumps of rock sugar

Boil the beef bones. drain, and throw out the scummy water. wash the bones, pull off the fat, and if theres any blood bits remove them too.
Put the bones in the pot and add water until its just covered. and put to simmer. Skim the scum that floats up. And you can add more water to keep the bones underwater, then keep skimming
just keep skimming what do we do? we skim skim skim skim! oooh I love to Skeeeeem!

Meanwhile peel all the loose crispy brown layers of skin off the onions, but keep the last brown skin. Pierce with a metal Skewer and burn the skin on a spare gas ring. Think of the charring a capsicum. When sufficiently black, and the onion is a little soft to touch, under cold water peel off the black skin. Chop in half and throw in the pot. Repeat for the ginger too.

The spices.
Ive read a few that say toast them, a few that say burn, crush, soak blah blah blah. But the aim of the game here is to pull the fragrances and oils out of the spices.

I toasted them then simmered them in some chinese wine... I'm now thinking it may have been too much ^^. As the spices are quite strong, which has resulted in me taking them out.

So back to the pho. when you feel ready to go with it, take out the broth. dump the bones and get your noodles and condiments ready for a pho feast!

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