Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mistress of Crystal Skin

No I haven't invented a new beauty product, but never the less, it is a gorgeous looking thing! I have been meaning to make these since we came back from Vietnam. And I've made them!!! hooray! STOP! Enough gloating. Eva Write it down NOW.

The Crystal Steam Pastry
160g Wheat Starch
160g Potato Starch
320g Boiling Water
020g Veggie Oil

1. Get yourself a decent weigh balance.
2. Put Wheat Starch and 80g of Potato Starch in a bowl. Boil the water, pour it all in. Mix with the end of a wooden spoon until its all sticking like a white clag glue lump to your spoon.
3. Cover the bowl with gladwrap and a teatowel. Let stand for 1 min.
4. THEN. Pour in the rest of the flour, and the oil.
5. Use your hand and knead it the flour/oil into the dough.
6. When its all mixed in, take the dough out and knead until its all mixed in and the dough is white and smooth.
7. Cover with gladwrap and use as required.
NOTE: This dough rocks! It doesnt need flour and its much easier to use! so happy!

To make Hoi An White Rose Banh Bao Tom Chay (Hoi an style)
Filling: To be honest I'm not sure what they had. But here's my list of ingredients
A cup of minced prawns
A Tablespoon of ginger oil shallot mince
handfull of finely chopped water chestnuts (gives texture)

Then make a white rose.
take a small ball of the dough and roll out into a thin circle. Pratices this, you need to roll it thin enough to see through, but start thick first, and practise with your dough as you make the batches.
Make a hole with your thumb and pointer finger. Put the circle of dough over the hole.
Put the filling in the centre and press it in.
Fold out the spare pastry until its flattish around the filling (looks like a daisy.)
Plonk on a plate and fill her up with more.
Steam for 10/15mins
Sprinkle with fried garlic and Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Eat while hot! One batch for you. next for your guest.

That will be 15,000 dong thanks! ;)

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